歌詞: Zoetrope

Zoetrope. Detention. ゾーエトロープ. 留置.
...Being kept after hours behind closed doors You get reprimanded for bad behavior And you ain't got no choice but to wait the time Meanwhile you contemplate...
Zoetrope. Promiscuity. ゾーエトロープ. 乱交.
...Escort take your time to crawl into a life so low Slut you're still the same but you work too hard to take no blame And we all know you'll never change...
Zoetrope. Pickpocket. ゾーエトロープ. すり.
...I'm not what I seem to be life to me's no mystery Those like me will rot in jail longer than their life will be CHORUS: My hand's in your pocket I'm...
Zoetrope. N.A.S.A.. ゾーエトロープ. 米航空宇宙局(NASA).
...Oh say can you see spacecraft exploding in the air By the early morning light seven families in despair Watching their sons and daughters burning in the...
Zoetrope. Company Man. ゾーエトロープ. 会社のマン.
...You can't tell how thick your shell can get when you abide By a lifestyle that ain't worthwhile But you continue what you're doing On the hot sheet at...
Zoetrope. Hard To Survive. ゾーエトロープ. 生き残るためにはハード.
...Temperatures exceeding hot both land and people start to rot Can't provide for themselves because resources are so nil I sympathize it's enough to make...
Zoetrope. Seeking Asylum. ゾーエトロープ. 庇護を求める.
...They've blown you out of house and home You turn around you're all alone Visions creep into your head You think about the life you've led You started ...
Zoetrope. Prohibition. ゾーエトロープ. 禁止.
...In an abandoned warehouse late at night in the shipping yards The gangsters keep a watchful eye for the man in blue As a loaded semi pulls up to an empty...
Zoetrope. Unbridled Energy. ゾーエトロープ. 束縛を解かれたエネルギー.
...I'll take this chance to release all the grief pent up inside of me Got nothing to say who will listen anyway It's all the same to me so I'll just shout...
Unicorns. Zoetrope (The Weirdest Of Tales). ユニコーン. ゾーエトロープ(テイルズオブ最も奇妙な).
... magic lane. The sap of those who shall remain, regain the throne of redulence, unify the leprechauns and go. Renew the sapid sward Welcome. They return. The turbid mere will quail. Zoetrope...
Unicorn. Zoetrope (The Weirdest Of Tales). ユニコーン. ゾーエトロープ(テイルズオブ最も奇妙な).
Unicorn. Zoetrope. ユニコーン. ゾーエトロープ.
Zoetrope. Mercenary. ゾーエトロープ. 傭兵.
Zoetrope. Amnesty. ゾーエトロープ. 恩赦.
Zoetrope. Break Your Back. ゾーエトロープ. 背中を破る.
Zoetrope. Another Chance. ゾーエトロープ. 別の機会.
Zoetrope. Creatures. ゾーエトロープ. 生き物.
Zoetrope. Trip Wires. ゾーエトロープ. トリップワイヤ.
Zoetrope. Indecent Obsessions. ゾーエトロープ. 下品な強迫観念.
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